Thuy Trang Cause of Death – Find Funeral and Obituary Information?

This article contains ThuyTran Cause of death as well as many other facts and figures about her life. What are we able to learn about Thuy Trang’s passing? Thuy Trang was an American-Vietnamese actor who died in a recent car accident. The news was spread in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom.

Many of her fans are searching for Trang’s death cause and other information on the internet. After reviewing many news articles, we will update Thuy Trang Cause of Death as well as other related facts.

The Death Reason

Thuy Trang died on 3 September 2001. It was 21 year ago. People and fans are still interested in the cause of Trang’s death. Trang’s untimely death was not reported, according to the preliminary reports. Trang’s tragic accident death in a car collision was reported by many media outlets.

According to a media report, Trang was travelling with Angele rockwood. Trang was later found in the Accident area, having been involved in a car accident. The police investigated this case.

Find Funeral and Obituary Information!

2001. No official had any intention to disclose the cause of death. Thuy’s passing is still a mystery to fans. Recent internet searches revealed an official obituary for this actress.

Thuy’s body was cremated on September 10th 2001, one week following her death. Later, Thuy’s ashes were scattered at California’s Rose Hills Memorial Park.

Fans can use official social media pages to express condolences and love or for information about the Original Power Ranger. Some social media sites offer tributes and condolences. Many people have shared their thoughts and opinions, and the pages remain active. These links are located under the header.

The Age and Time of Death

Many are curious to learn more about Thuy’s story. Thuy was born 14th December 1973. The terrible accident happened to her at 27 years old. Thuy was an actor and performer who was highly regarded. Thuy was only 20 when she played Trini Kwan’s role in Power Rangers.

Many well-known roles were among her actress roles. Walter Jones’s Hip Hop Dance Video was her best-known project. Spy Hard was Austin St Jones Martial Arts Video. Spy Hard was another notable project.

Get acquainted with her Family

Name/ Full Name- Thuy Trang Nickname- No data Profession- Acting Zodiac sign- Sagittarius. 14/12/73: Death at Birth Birth Place- South Vietnam (known also as Ho Chi Ming City). Father’s Name: Ky Trang. Mother’s Name- Be Trang. Siblings – One sibling, two brothers (names unknown). Age: 27 Years, Ho Chi Minh City. American Matrimonial Status- Single partner’s name – No information Net Worth – 1.5 Million USD

More Information About Thuy

Other facts such as Thuy’s Vietnamese ethnicity are also revealed. Her Vietnamese citizenship was her birthright. Trang later obtained an American passport to seek political asylum. She was a Buddhist and had been following Goutam Buddha her whole life.

Education and Other Factors

Thuy was the only one in her family who chose acting as a career. Thuy graduated with honors from Banning High School. After graduating, she was accepted to the University of California as a Civil Engineer. She auditioned for a role in an acting production.


We can conclude that Thuy Trang the talented actress and star in Thuy Trang suffered a tragic end. Her work is beloved by her fans. Click here to see her interview video.


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