Telescopic Slides – The characteristics of telescopic slide

Equipment for industrial and office use. There are many kinds of drawers. They are equipped with a Telescopic Guide that allows them to produce the required movement.

These devices enable drawers to slide horizontally and vertically with guided movements. This makes them easier to close or open and safer. They can be used in small everyday objects such as kitchen pantry drawers and large industrial equipment at factories and processing plants.

It consists of three articulated parts. The one attached to the cabinet, one in the drawer and the telescopic railway that extends outwards and helps the drawer move. The ball bearing allows for continuous movement. This is because it facilitates movement between the movable parts in a smooth and controlled manner.

For industrial work, the heavy-duty telescopic slide can be used. It performs the same functions of the small drawer slides but on a larger basis. These telescopic slide are made from steel, stainless, or aluminum depending on the intended use. They are widely used in many industries to perform various jobs that would not be possible without them.

Types of slides

There are many types and varieties of telescopic slide for loading. These are distinguished by the characteristics of the slides and their functions.

The following stand out among them:

  • Partial extension: These have two compact parts and travel less than their closed length.
  • They are fully extended and have three elements. The device provides a stroke equal in length to the closed length.
  • Super extension is also possible. They have four elements with a telescopic stroke reaching up to 150%.
  • These devices can withstand loads upto 1,500 kilograms, and can be extended up to 3 meters. You can use them for any purpose with both open and closed locks.

Why are they useful?

Telescopic slides that are difficult to use must be tested.

There are many uses for them.

  • For use in railways: They can withstand vibrations and high loads.
  • They are used for protection of any element that might damage industrial equipment.
  • Telescopic slide are also very useful in the electrical industry: they fit well in racks that hold electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Automotive: With special adaptations to specific functions inside vehicles.

The characteristics of telescopic slide

These types of devices can have different characteristics that are used for different types work in the sector.

Extendibility and length: Depending upon the model, folding lengths may range from 150m to more than two meters and extension can be as little as a few millimeters up to three meters.

For heavy weights, reinforced material balls can be placed in the profiles of the slides to reinforce them. Slides are also reinforced to withstand high torque without losing their smoothness.

Locking systems – Some slides have the option of having manual or mechanical locking systems. There are many variations, including open, closed, and combined. These slides can be equipped with ergonomic handles to make opening and closing easier.

Synchronized guide – This is when all elements work in a coordinated way to optimize displacement forces. The operation is better and the life expectancy of all components is increased. An integrated system can achieve this perfect synchronization.

Lubrication: The telescopic guide’s use will dictate the type of grease to be used. This can have a huge impact on its performance and maintenance.

Benefits of good Telescopic Slides

Telescopic slides of high quality are a great investment that can lead to higher productivity and better performance.

These are just a few of the many benefits.

Resistant materials are: A guide made from cold drawn, galvanized or tempered steel is designed to resist shocks and vibrations. They also have high rigidity with limited bending. It is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand everyday use.

Superior quality products have a longer service life. This ensures that the guide will perform well and can continue to function for a long period of time. This is a significant advantage that can result in substantial savings. You don’t need to replace equipment as often.

High load capacity: Good quality slides can withstand high loads thanks to well-installed systems made from highly resistant materials.

All of these benefits help optimize work and increase company growth. These are just a few of the many benefits that technology can bring to the company’s development in all its functions.

This support is crucial to improve many of your company’s tasks. Telescopic slide is an excellent choice when a system is needed for moving objects or product.

If you are in a position to install a Telescopic Guide, you will already be familiar with how they work, their benefits, and where they can be found.

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