Sula Vineyards Limited will issue a public issue on 12 December 2022?

Sula Vineyards Limited IPO: Sula Vineyards Limited will issue a public issue on 12 December 2022. It will be available for bidding until 14 December 2022. India’s largest seller and wine producer has set the price range of its public issue at Rs340 to R357 per equity share. It aims to raise Rs960.35 Crore from its initial public sale (IPO). The issue is 100 percent offer for sale in nature (OFS).

In the meantime, grey market is sending positive signals to Sula Vineyards Limited shares ahead of Sula Vineyards Initial Public Offering. According to market analysts, Sula Vineyards share is currently available at a premium rate of Rs24 in grey markets.

We have listed important Sula Vineyards IPO information below:

Sula Vineyards IPO: Today, grey market shares of the vine seller and maker company are available at a premium Rs24.

Sula Vineyards’ IPO price band: India’s biggest wine producer and seller has set a price band for its public offer at Rs340-Rs357 each equity share.

Sula Vineyards IPO Date: Bidders can open the public issue on 12/12/2022 and remain open until 14/12/2022.

Sula Vineyards IPO Size: Sula Vineyards, a wine producer/seller company, aims at raising Rs960.35 crore. This is 100 percent OFS in nature.

– Sula Vineyards IPO lot Size: The IPO will allow bidders to submit lots of 42 shares.

– Sula Vineyards IPO application limits: Only one bidder may apply for a lot. Retail investors can only apply for a maximum of 13 lots.

– Sula Vineyards IPO allotment day: This is the tentative date for allocation of shares. It is 19th December 2022.

Sula Vineyards IPO Listing: This public issue is to be listed on NSE and NSE. The tentative listing date is 22 December 2022.

– Sula Vineyards IPO registrar KFin Technology Limited has been designated as the official registrar.

– Sula Vineyards IPO review Swastika Investmart reports that “Sula vineyards Limited has the advantage of low entry barriers in the industry. The company is the largest distributor of wine and has the best sales presence. Its financial performance has also improved. This issue of Sula Vineyard has a P/E of 54.67, which is lower that its peers. This issue is a fully-offered sale. Low promoter holding is a concern. Therefore, we recommend you Subscribe Rating to this IPO only to high-risk Investors.

Canara Bank Securities added a ‘buy” tag to this IPO. “Considering the higher percentage of high margin segments in revenues and the focus upon owned brand, it would be able increase its margin going ahead. Its strong position as a high-growth segment with high barriers would allow it to increase its sales in the long-term. SUBSCRIBE to reap the listing benefits.

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