Southeast Asian the highly anticipated meeting of Biden?

At the opening of East Asia Summit, the prime Minister of Indonesia, who holds the rotating Chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations said that it was in everyone’s best interest to collaborate to end conflicts peacefully.

These comments were made as tensions continue to build between China and America over Taiwan. Beijing’s increasing regional aspirations are also a factor. In addition, the Russia invasion Ukraine has disrupted global supply chain, leading to higher food and energy costs.

Hun Sen did not name any nation but said he hoped leaders would adopt a “spirit for togetherness in upholding an open and inclusive multilateralism. Pragmatism and mutual respect in dealing with the existential and strategic problems we all face.”

The participants included the US President Joe Biden as well as Li Keqiang, the Chinese Prime Minister. It comes just a few days before the highly anticipated meeting of Biden with Xi Jinping at Bali’s Group of 20 summit.

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Ministry, also participated in the meetings which included leaders from Australia and New Zealand, South Korea as well as Japan.

Biden made a promise that the US would cooperate with ASEAN leaders on Saturday. He told them that they were going to create a better future for all people in the region, which is home to China’s rival.

Biden promised to work together to build a region “free and open,” stable, prosperous, resilient and secure.

Li Keqiang said at a meeting of ASEAN members China, Japan, South Korea and Japan that, amid a “turbulent,” global security environment, “unilateralism, protectionism, and rising economic and financial risk are surging” and that the group must “stay committed to promoting stability, peace, development, and prosperity in the region, and beyond, as well to improving the people’s wellbeing.”

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