South Korea will get a UK-like aircraft carrier: Korean company Hyundai and British company Babcock will make aircraft carriers on the lines of Queen Elizabeth

South Korea’s new aircraft carrier could be a shortened version of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth aircraft. Korean company Hyundai Heavy Industry (HHI) has this week signed a memorandum with British defense contractor Babcock International. The two companies will work together on South Korea’s light aircraft carrier.

Both the companies will work together on the new technology of aircraft carriers. Hyundai had earlier issued a statement saying that the first stage of the ship’s design has been completed. The British company Babcock built the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier for the British Navy in Busan, South Korea. This week the Korean Navy also conducted military maneuvers with the Elizabeth Ship.

According to the Hyundai company, 90 warships have been made, the British company has been supplying goods for the naval program of South Korea. Since 1975, Hyundai has made 90 warships and submarines. South Korea’s first guided-missile destroyer was also made by Hyundai. Apart from this, the company has also been manufacturing next-generation frigates.

Another company is also in line
This deal does not mean that both these companies will fulfill all further contacts with the South Korean military. Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, a major company working in the field of defense, is also included in the queue.

What will happen in South Korea’s aircraft

  • landing area for helicopters
  • Separate area for drone operator
  • unmanned surface vehicle
  • Unmanned Midget Submarines

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