Sementeryo Date Link (Nov 2022) – Find out more about video!

This post Sementeryo Date Link will provide all the information about teenagers’ cementary videos.

You’ve probably thought about going on a cemetery date. A man from the Philippine was seen going on a dating trip with his girlfriend in a cemetary. This viral video features a boy dating a girl in a cemetery. This post will cover all details about Date Link. Please take the time to read it.

What is Sementeryo’s date?

On social media, the photo of the couple in the cemetery is becoming viral. A Philippine teenager took his girlfriend to the most unusual date venue, a cemetery. The teenager took a video of his girlfriend and him on the cementary. They can be seen spending time in the cemetery. The teenagers began having intimate activities in this cemetery later. The video shows the two teenagers in different positions. This was very unethical so the video was removed quickly. But, people became curious to see what was in it.

Who were there in the Sementeryo Sandal Link ?

One girl and one boy were in the Sementeryo dating video. It is not known who the identities of these teenagers are. The video does show their faces. It is still not known who the children were. It was shocking to see that both the boy (and girl) were minors. It is not known what their ages are. Bryanmilkwayz1 was the account that uploaded the video. It was later discovered that the account was also circulating the video on Tweet. The account is also asking for money to sell its videos online. The original video was removed, but people started sharing the video via various social media platforms.

Which social network platform has the Sementeryo YouTube video?

YouTube was the original place where the video was uploaded. The username that uploaded the video could not be found, but we suspect it was the children. The video was widely shared on the internet and exploded in popularity. Original name of the video was Dumalaw Lang a Cemetery. This video became viral on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit. People keep talking about it repeatedly. YouTube and Twitter are working together to remove this video from social media. It promotes intimate activity.

Find out more about Sementeryo’s video

The Cemetery video proved to be quite disturbing because it featured two teenagers under 18. Worse, all this was taking place in the cemetery. It is possible that families will come to pay their respects to those who have passed on. They might have found it disturbing to hear all this. We were unable to find the Viral Scam November 2022 video. It was taken down recently. So, we don’t really know what the couples thought about going to the cemetery and setting up a date. Worst of all, they did this in front other people’s cemeteries. This was very disrespectful towards the person who died there.


For the end of this post, let us say that we don’t endorse such videos. The information provided in the article was intended for educational purposes only. We do not intend to cause any harm through the contents of this article. You can click on the link to for more.

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