Sargam Kaushal Reprezente India She was elected Mrs. World Las Vegas, December 18, 2022. Mrs Kaushal defeated rivals from 63 nations in order to reclaim India’s crown after 21 years.

The Mrs India pageant organizers shared the news via Instagram. They wrote: “After 21 years, the long wait is over! We got the title back!” Sargam Kaushal, a Jammu and Kashmir citizen, posted a video to express her joy at obtaining the title.

According to the Greater Kashmir website Sargam Koushal is 32 years old and a model, painter, as well content writer. She is a graduate in English literature, and also holds a bachelor’s level in education. Koushal was born to an ex-banker. She thanked him for encouraging her to chase her dreams in life.

Koushal, a Mumbai resident and married to a Navy officer, is from Mumbai. When asked about the most “beautiful” and “gratifying chapter of her life, Koushal replied that it was marriage. She stated, “I met an amazing man.” He’s a great man. He’s been my support network.”

Mrs World began in 1984. It is a descendant of the Mrs. America contest. This contest was once known as Mrs. Woman of the World. In 1988, the Mrs. World title received its name.Over the years Mrs. World has been held in over 80 countries, with the United States claiming the most victories. India was the only country to be named Mrs. World in 2001. Aditigovitrikar, a actress, was awarded the prestigious title. Dr. Govitrikar currently serves as a Judge for Mrs. India Inc. 2022-22-23.


1-Who is Sargam Kuushal? Sargam Koushal won the 2022 pageant in Las Vegas on Saturday.

2-What’s the maximum age for Mrs.

All regulations must be followed, except as may be amended by the organizers. The age limit for the candidate is between 21-48 years.

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