Santa Monica Hit And Run – What did Thursday in La Brea look like?

This article discusses a high-speed Santa Monica Hit and Run attack that took place just a few kilometers from the site.

Are you aware about the fiery incident that occurred yesterday in Los Angles Are you interested in the latest news? All United States people who were aware of the news wanted to know more about the crash.

You don’t have to worry, we are here with all the latest news and information. There are many Santa Monica Hit and Run instances, but yesterday’s tragic accident was the most severe. Let’s look at it in more detail.

What are the most recent updates on the accident?

Because of the unpredictability of the situation, and the chaos around the accident spot there is a chance that fatalities or casualties could be altered multiple times. Similar results were seen in yesterday’s case.

Yesterday’s accident occurred at around 1:30 PM local time. The Mercedes was being driven south by a couple. At first, five people died. Six people lost their lives in the incident. However, this was confirmed by a press conference. Santa Monica Accident Reports reports that a pregnant woman, three individuals, an infant, a child, and a child unborn died in a car accident.

What did Thursday in La Brea look like?

Nearly eight miles away Santa Monica, La Brea was being driven by a car that was speeding up. A red light was blown and multiple vehicles were smashed at Slauson Avenue around 1:30 pm. As the cars that have been damaged continue to skid along the intersection, the fire quickly breaks out. But they stop in front a gas station. Los Angeles County Fire Units were dispatched at 1:40 pm. Nearly nine people were injured in the Santa Monica Hit and Run attack, and multiple vehicles were also damaged.

Surveillance video:

A nearby business captured the incident and recorded it. The Mercedes was moving west and running a red light at an intersection. After colliding with a sedan, the Mercedes took more vehicles to the station. The incident caused three other cars and Mercedes to burst into flames.


Investigating the accident is ongoing. The investigator said that the driver was almost 40 years old and was admitted to hospital in a moderate condition. At this moment, it is unclear what caused the speed. The area was closed due to the Santa Monica Hit and Run incident.

What did the eyewitnesses say about the incident?

Many reported hearing a loud sound followed by fire and sparks. Witnesses also reported seeing thick plumes of smoke rising from the sky, even before firefighters arrived. One witness described it as a bomb being dropped nearby.

You have to admit that it is difficult to see people in flames and you must pray for them. It’s the most demoralizing thing to see a baby fly from the intersection and then fall to the ground. We couldn’t do anything, but another person nearby said.


Nearly 8 miles away, there was a fatal and fiery Santa Monica Runaccident. Sixteen were killed, nine of them unborn and pregnant women. You can watch the clip of this horrific incident by clicking here.

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