Roundup minister meets Afghan Taliban over border concerns?

Russia has sent India a list with more than 500 products, including parts for automobiles, aircraft, and trains. The move comes as Russia is under pressure from sanctions to maintain its vital industries. A draft of the list has been seen by Reuters New Delhi. Although it’s not clear how many or what amount of these items will ultimately be exported, a source within the Indian government stated that the request was unique in its scope.

Exclusive – South Korea’s Yoon warns against an unimaginable response to North Korea’s nuclear tests, and urges China to do more

Yoon Suk yeol, South Korean president, warned that there will be an unprecedented joint response from allies if North Korea conducts a nuclear test. He also asked China to dissuade North Korea from continuing its banned pursuit of nuclear weapons or missiles. Yoon spoke out on Monday to Reuters, calling on China, North Korea’s closest ally, and to meet its U.N. Security Council obligations. He stated that not doing so would lead the region to receive more military assets.

Pakistani foreign minister meets Afghan Taliban in the midst of border concerns

The acting foreign minister of Afghanistan to Pakistan met Tuesday with the minister of state for international affairs. He is the latest international minister visiting Afghanistan, whose Taliban rulers aren’t officially recognized by any foreign governments. The visit comes as security is at an all-time high in Afghanistan, following the announcement Monday by the Pakistani Taliban that it will no longer adhere to a ceasefire after months of negotiations with the Pakistani government. Since late last years, peace talks between Pakistani authorities as well as local militants have been held by the Afghan Taliban.

Ukraine’s air raid sirens sound as NATO meets with to promise assistance

The first air raid sirens were heard in Ukraine Tuesday night as the United States, NATO allies and new equipment pledges were made to the aid of power and heat restoration following the destruction caused by Moscow’s bombings and drone strikes. Although there was no immediate threat of major attacks, many Ukrainians fled to bomb shelters. Later, the all-clear was given in the capital Kyiv. However, officials stated that the threat had not been lifted.

Singapore lifts the ban on gay sex but does not allow for legalization of same-sex marriage

On Tuesday, Singapore’s parliament removed the prohibition on sex between males. In a major blow to the LGBT community it also amended its constitution to avoid court challenges that could have resulted in legalization in other countries of same-sex marriage. As other parts of Asia such as India, Thailand, and Taiwan are beginning to recognize more rights for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGBT) communities, these moves are significant.

China says it drove away USA cruiser near Spratly Islands

China’s military said on Tuesday it drove away a U.S. guided-missile cruiser that “illegally intruded” into waters near the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands, an assertion the U.S. Navy disputed. “The actions of the Kyiv. Putin claims that winter is a weapon of war

NATO allies will boost aid for Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin is using winter to win because his troops are failing on the battlefield. NATO Secretary of General Jens Stoltenberg announced Tuesday. Stoltenberg said that all of us have seen the satellite pictures showing Europe as light and Ukraine dark. This is why it is so difficult to rebuild everything.

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