Rishi Sunak May Lose His Seat In 2024 Elections?

London:British Prime Minster Rishi Sunak, and 15 of his Cabinet Ministers are in danger of losing their seats at a general election “wipeout”, 2024, according a media report that cites new polling data.


According to Focaldata polling by Best for Britain, James Cleverly, James Cleverly, Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, Grant Shapps, Commons leader Penny Mordaunt, and Therese Coffeey, the Foreign Secretary could lose their seats.

The poll found that only five Cabinet ministers Jeremy Hunt, Indian Suella Braverman and Michael Gove – who would remain in office after the 2024 election – would be able to continue, according the poll.

The Independent shared a new analysis of 10 “bellwether”, or crucial, seats. This is where voters who have voted with the winning party consistently in recent decades shows that Labour is poised to take all 10.

Naomi Smith, chief executive officer of Best for Britain said, “Sunak’s Cabinet deserves nothing less than a wipeout.” Best for Britain is an organization that advocates for internationalist values and closer ties with Europe. Smith stated that the Tories have a good chance of winning the election because of the large proportion of insecure voters. Best for Britain’s analysis revealed that Labour’s vast lead over the Tories, despite dire polling for Sunak’s party has been less secure than expected.

Sunak (42), is trying to restore Tory fortunes at 2023’s start. Most recent polls have given Labour leads of around 20 percentage points. The report stated that a slight rise in polls following Sunak’s replacement of Liz Truss had now “flatlined”.

Sunak offered five promises earlier in the week to relaunch the premiership, including a promise to turn around the economy and reduce waiting lists for the NHS. He also promised to “stop the small boats by 2024.”

The latest MRP poll findings raise doubts about Sunak’s leadership, ahead of his first real electoral test in May at the local elections. Many within the Tory party think a drubbing could result in a push to former premier Boris Johnson’s return.

To grant members full power in selecting candidates, a grassroots Tory organization made up Johnson’s allies will launch a “Momentum” campaign.

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