Quinton Reviews Controversy ( Sep 2022 ) – How many YouTube Live subscribers is he?

Quinton Reviews Controversy discusses who he really is, his age and the subscriber count according with the social blade.

Quinton Kyle Hoover is a name you may have heard of. Are you familiar with Quinton Reviews? Are you curious to learn why Quinton Reviews is so popular?

Quinton Reviews is a YouTuber popular in the United States. He is known for creating viral videos and showing his creativity. This post will tell you more about Quinton Reviews, his age and why the Quinton Review Controversy is constantly the talk of town.

What’s the most recent post on his Twitter account?

He came up with the long-boi adventure on Nickelodeon’s sitcom Sam & Cat in a tweet from yesterday. The video is a five-hour YouTube clip posted by him on his channel, The Scandal Of Sam & Cat. He provided the link and invited his followers to watch the video as he goes through it from beginning to end.

How many YouTube Live subscribers is he?

Quinton reviews Socialblade shows that he had 744,000 subscribers at the time he wrote this post. Social Blade gives you global analytics for any brand, content creator or live streamer.

Quinton Kyle Hoover (aka Quinton Reviews) hails from Woodford County in Lowa and was born December 7, 1996. We are not aware of any family information he shared in his posts.

Quinton is a TV and film critic, with a particular focus on negative reviews. In 2013, Quinton started his YouTube career with the intention of making people laugh. He does comedy, satire and commentary.

Quinton Reviews Controversy is in the News?

We know that he created a video to make people laugh at videos. This is something many find offensive and embarrassing. Here are some examples of his controversy:

According to online sources, Quinton was involved in several controversies in 2018 and discussed his disapproval for the former President for almost a minute. Many viewers are unable to stomach the topic and try to mock the president.

Another issue came near the end 2018 when he made fun of Twitter about Mumkey Jones. He later deleted the tweet and apologized to Twitter.

Another example of Quinton Review Controversy is when he claimed that every angry gamer was trying to become James Rolfe. This is very similar to saying that every racist gamer wants to be JonTron. Supporters claimed that this was a joke about JonTron’s disagreement with Destiny, and didn’t reflect his racist views. He clarified, however, that he was merely expressing his feelings toward JonTron through this joke.

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Quinton Reviews is a YouTuber who was born in the United States. His YouTube channel is well-known for his humorous videos and sarcastic comments.

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