Queen Elizabeth the throne area and she was walking down the corridor?

Rankin, a Glaswegian photographer who was born in Glaswegian, talked about his experience working with Kate Moss, David Bowie and Madonna. He stated that Queen Elizabeth II gave him a “wave” of empowerment as soon as she entered.

“I have never felt that aura before and she was so funny from the moment she walked in,” said the photographer.

However, the photographer included a peculiar habit of Queen Elizabeth 2: The Queen disapproves of her hands and has never wanted them photographed.

“I was like, “I really want to photograph your holding the sword” and she said, “I don’t like her hands.” The photographer replied.

“I’m not supposed to say that she disliked her hands,” she stated. The photographer also added, “But what I loved about her was that she’s so smart and every response she made had an amazing twist to it.”

“It was really, really amazing. It was amazing. I had five minutes with her.

Rankin claimed that he was later contacted and told by Buckingham Palace that his portrait was Her Majesty’s favourite.

“I got a really remarkable note from the curator where she said that my photograph of them is one of their favorites – which I believe means the Palace’s favourite – because they’re really laughing in my image,” the photographer stated.

“I was in a throne room, and she was going down this corridor. I could clearly see her and the footman walking. Both were laughing, cracking up and I was like, “That’s all I want,” said the photographer.

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