Prince Harry Calls Queen Consort Camilla Harry claimed that the media contained details?

Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” officially launches Tuesday. But, its contents were widely leak after it was accidentally sold in Spain early. In an interview, Prince Harry made shocking revelations about Camilla, Queen of Consort, in which he spoke out.

Anderson Cooper of CBS’ 60 Minutes interviewed the Duke and Princess of Sussex. He called Camilla “the villain” in an interview. He also revealed that William and he had begged their father King Charles not to wed her after the death, Princess Diana.

Prince Harry stated that he had always wanted his stepmother, Princess Harry, to be happy so she could be less “dangerous”. He stated, “She is the villain. She was the third person in their marital relationship. She had to rebuild her image.”

In the book, Charles’ second wife was also criticised by the Prince.

He stated that Camilla began playing the long-game after Diana’s death. It was a campaign for marriage and the crown.

Harry claimed that the media contained details from private conversations that could only have been leaked by Camilla.

“I love my father, my brother, and my family. Harry said in an interview that he loved Harry and his brother, but that he believes there is a possibility of reconciliation.

“I doubt my brother or father would read it.” “I really hope they do,” said he.

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