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The article Prime Scam Bitcode discusses the workings of emerging trading platforms and their pros and cons.

Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrency? Do you know that cryptocurrency could be our future currencies? A platform that is based in the United Kingdom created a crypt bot because of the volatility associated with cryptocurrency. This means that robots will perform the trading work for the users. There are currently rumors about the Prime Scam bitcode.

Bitcode prime

It’s a cutting-edge technology which coordinates artificial intelligence to make crypto robots for people who trade in crypto. The robots operate on their own, without the need for human intervention. Some have claimed that the trading platform is a fraud and provided some reasons why.

  • Each activity involving crypto robots will be assigned a broker. One customer said that the background for the broker is from Belize. The area is used by criminals as a tax haven.
  • Fake celebrity endorsements and sponsorships are used in some advertisements.
  • The platform required that every customer deposit 250 euro.

Prime Scam Bitcode

Some people have experienced problems with withdrawing their profits, as they are not aware of the return on trading. Some users also felt that the logo and design of the website were taken from another bitcoin prime site. Many false information circulated about the platform claiming it will generate 1000 Euros each day.

The financial officials say that the platform is legitimate but that some people are using it to spread fake news and articles. While it seems that they have a legitimate trading platform, some fake endorsements or sponsorships are being distributed online, making it seem like they are making a bogus one.

Prime scam Bitcode technology has an 85 percent success ratio. It balances the volatile nature the crypto market. It relies on the signals of robots to trade. The platform’s primary goal is to earn profits for its customers. Although users will lose their money quickly in an unstable market, crypto robots will examine the trends and trade the currencies. They may also be able to offer investment solutions.

The brokers will not charge commissions, and the users can withdraw the money or keep it in their accounts. The platform allows you to trade different cryptocurrency such as Ethereum and bitcoins.

Pros Cons

The following analysis of Prime Scam Bitcode technology is done.


  • Automated trading 7 of the most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Within 24 hours, you can easily withdraw your money.
  • Customers can start by creating a demo account.
  • The trading takes place 24×7.


  • This trading platform doesn’t have a mobile application.
  • You must deposit 250 euros to trade.


Bitcode prime analyses the volatile nature worldwide. It will not take into account any one country.

This scam is not recommended for anyone who has any prior knowledge about crypto currencies. This Prime Scam Bitcode is not verified by us as it is a newcomer in the trading world.

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