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Lyons Magnus, an American food service company, sent out a notice recalling 53 beverage items. The company is based United States with its operations in Canada. These include 50 nutritional and protein powders that have been removed from the shelves.

This news caused quite a stir and people wanted to find out why. We decided to investigate Premier protein shakes 2022 in depth and provide details about the same.

Premier Protein Trending?

According to reports, Lyons Magnus LLP received an alert from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They were asked immediately to recall 53 of the products they believed could have been contaminated by microbial organisms.

At the moment, 53 protein drinks and nutrition shakes have been recalled due to Cronobacter Sakazakii infection. The FDA has ordered the Premier Protein Recall, despite the fact that infections by the microorganisms are very rare. However, it is important to maintain immunity. These sections provide more information and details about the news.

Summary and the gist of Lyons Magnus

  • Lyons Magnus is an American food manufacturing company that sells food products and beverages.
  • They include a variety of products, including toppings, sauces and frozen desserts.
  • They are the market leader in beverage, fruit and cocoa-based products.
  • Additionally, they have more than 150 years of combined industry experience.

Premier Protein shakes 2022 An in-depth look into the News.

Cronobacter.sakazakii has been reported to the FDA as a possible source of microbial infection. Although the chances of getting infected by this organism are very rare, they can make someone’s immunity weaker and more vulnerable.

FDA shared the report and stated that they found the preliminary root cause analysis failed to meet commercial sterility requirements. However, the FDA directed all Premier ProteinRecall owners to either dispose of the products immediately or return it to the location where they were purchased.

Items branded Glucerna (Aloha), MRE Protein Shakes Oatly and Intelligentsia were among the products that were recalled. The symptoms of microbial infection include nausea, vomiting, and fever. However, no illnesses or complaints have been reported to date.

Final Conclusion

All information in this article is taken from the internet. We do not claim to have any specific details. Research shows that the company has not received any reports regarding illness from Premier Protein Shakes, or other recalled products. Customers can contact Lyons Recall support by calling 1-800-627 0557 or visiting their website.

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