Opposite of Vaccines:More than 8 lakh deaths due to corona in America; Many Republican Party Leaders Called Compulsory Vaccines Against Americans’ Freedom

According to the estimates of the Economist, the epidemic in America has caused 8 lakh 60 thousand deaths. Nevertheless, senior Republican leaders are opposing the order issued by President Biden on September 9 to get the vaccine. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves tweeted, “This is still America.” We believe in freedom from oppressors. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is also among those protesting.

Some Republican lawmakers have warned they could introduce bills against the vaccine order. So far 63% of Americans over the age of 12 have received two doses of the vaccine. In comparison, 76% in France, 85% in Denmark, 69% in Canada and 65% in the UK have taken both doses. There is hesitation in many countries regarding the vaccine.

A survey of 50 countries by the American University Johns Hopkins in August found that more than half of those who did not get the vaccine said they would not get the vaccine. Biden has issued an order to get the vaccine or to conduct regular tests. This order will be applicable to the company and central employees of more than 100 employees.

Critics warn that orders requiring a vaccine will backfire. 70 lakh workers have said that they will not get the vaccine. 150 workers at a hospital in Houston have been fired or resigned because of a vaccination order.

Maternity services in the city of Loville, near New York, are closed due to the resignation of many employees. However, vaccination has increased after Biden’s order. The vaccine rate among health workers in New York has risen from 75 to 80%. Goldman Socks estimates that three million people will be encouraged to return to work once the vaccine is necessary.

burden of infection

The new wave of infections in America has increased the burden on hospitals. In August, 27 thousand crore rupees (Rs 14 lakh per patient) were spent on the treatment of people who did not get the vaccine.

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