New Viral Scandal November 2022 – People on the viral scheme?

This article includes details and links about the New Viral Scam November 20,22. Video links to the Internet have revealed the latest viral scandal in Cemetery. It shows the intimate relationship between these minors. People from the Philippines call them out.

Since November, when the scandal was revealed, people are eagerly clicking on each link to view the video. You can find more information about the Viral Scam November 20,22.

Reports from the Viral Scam

Two minors were found guilty of committing obscene acts in November 2022. After being posted online, it went viral immediately. Since then, many people have searched for the video online. The scandal has spread to large areas and people are reacting.

It won’t show up in searches because the link has been removed from the Internet. It can’t also be linked with authentic sources. The video maker was fired.

Information about Pinay Scandal at Cemetery

The scandal video gained a lot of attention and attracted a large audience. These videos were mainly sourced via Reddit and Twitter. However, these platforms do not allow for access to the video. All accounts that were involved in the leakage of information have been blocked.

This video is not suitable for children under 18 years of age. These videos should not be watched without caution. The video was removed by the online platform and the New Viral Scandal November 2022222 has been stopped. It became an instant internet sensation.

Viewpoint by People on the viral scheme

People are responding to the video footage of two children in lovemaking after seeing it. These acts of violence should be punished.

The couple doesn’t look grown-up and falls under the minor category. It is great that you can still view their faces online even though the video was deleted. Although the Pinay Scandal On Cemetery confirmed their marriage, there is no proof.

What’s the story behind this video?

Two minors commit suicide in a cemetery, according to a viral video. People asked them their age and they replied that they didn’t look like them. They are immature and their public actions seem unacceptable.

This viral video was made because of the location they performed their acts. The New Viral Scandal November 20,22 became a viral sensation because it was performed at a difficult location. Click here to see the viral video.


This viral scandal has gained popularity online and is now a hot topic. Reporting minor acts to the authorities is essential. What do you think about this video? Leave a comment below.


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