New Viral Scandal November 2022 (Nov 2022) – Reports from the Viral Scam?

Did you know about the latest viral scandal in Cemetery A new sensation has emerged from video links that circulated online showing the minor couple. People in Philippines are lashing out at the two of them and demanding they stop.

The scandal became public in November and people are eagerly clicking on any link to see the video. We provide further information on the Viral Scandal November 20,22 .

Reports from the Viral Scam

When two minors were found involved in obscene actions, the scandal became apparent in November 2022. The video became viral immediately after it was posted online. Since then, many people have searched for it. It is believed that the scandal circulated throughout a large area, and people are reacting to it.

The link won’t be found by anyone searching because it was removed from the Internet. Also, no authentic sources can be attributed to the link. We discovered that the person responsible for the video was suspended.

Details about Pinay Scanal on Cemetery

The scandal video reached a large audience and attracted a lot of attention. Reddit and Twitter have become the main source of these videos. However, even these platforms don’t provide video access and have banned all accounts who were involved in leaking it.

This video is not appropriate for children and immature viewers under the age 18 years. Be cautious when viewing such videos. After taking down the video and stopping spread of the New Viral Scandal November 202022, the online platform has done an excellent job. It became an internet hit in no time.

People’s view on the viral scam

People are backlashing against the incident after finding video of two young children in lovemaking. These disgusting acts are unacceptable and people should demand laws and regulations to prevent them from happening in public places.

The couple doesn’t look grown-up and falls under the minor category. The best thing is that although the video has been removed, you can still see their faces in the online images. They were reportedly married in the Pinay Scandal at Cemetery , although there isn’t any confirmation.

Reddit’s videos have been removed. However, some comments have been made .

What is the video about?

In the viral scandal clip, two minors are seen engaging in lovemaking at the Cemetery. Many people have raised doubts about their age and said that they don’t look much like teenagers. They appear to be immature and their public acts are unacceptable.

Video went viral because they chose the right place for their acts. The Viral Scandal November 2022 was circulated because it was done in a place that is difficult to imagine. You can find the details on the viral video.


This viral scandal has been making the rounds on the Internet and is now a hot topic. Reporting these types of activities by minors to the authorities is essential. What do YOU think of this video? Please comment below.

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