Mumbai AQI Air in India’s financial capital getting?

Mumbai’s financial center has been experiencing “very poor” airquality in recent days.

It is the capital Delhi that often makes headlines because of its dangerous levels in winter months air pollution.

Mumbai has a long coastline and is thought to have cleaner air quality. However, Delhi was unable to keep up with the pollution levels this week.

Mumbai joins a growing list Indian cities that suffer from bad air quality.

Experts agree that rapid construction, adverse weather conditions, and rising pollution from vehicle exhausts are the main causes of poor air quality.

According to government data, there was 308 PM 2.5 in the city Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. [local time] compared with 259 in Delhi.

Any reading between 200 and 300 is considered very poor. A reading between 300 and 400 is considered very poor. Many Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Kanpur, and Patna often report PM2.5 levels that are higher than the safe limit.

A number between zero to 50 is considered “good”, and between 51-100 is considered “satisfactory”, according the air quality index, AQI.

Cherylann Mollan. BBC News. Mumbai

Two things struck me as I awoke this morning: It was colder than usual, it was harder to breathe, and it was colder. I later learned that this was due to Mumbai’s “very poor” air quality.

I was in Delhi last week and it is a city that is known for bad air quality. The difference is immediately felt upon arrival in the city. The air is heavier, and you can immediately see the pollution. Every breath is a challenge. I was very happy to return home to Mumbai at week’s end.

However, today Mumbai residents found themselves in the same boat. Actually, the air in Mumbai is even worse.

In Mumbai, hospitals have seen an increase in people visiting them with breathing difficulties or other symptoms related to poor air quality.

Doctors recommend that people wear masks and refrain from going outside if it is not necessary. Mumbai’s civic leaders say that they are urgently taking steps to improve air quality.

Bad air quality in Indian cities can cause serious health problems. A Lancet study found that pollution was responsible for more than 2.3 Million premature deaths in India.

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