More cheetahs to arrive in Kuno A bride leaves her home to live with her parents?

After being released from a special enclosure in the Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh on September 17, 20,22, this cheetah was allowed to roam free. File

Madhya Pradesh Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced on January 10th that more cheetahs were expected to arrive at Kuno Palpur National Park within the State.

Eight Namibian cheetahs were released into the park last September as part of an ambitious plan to revive the nation’s extinct cheetah population.

M. Chouhan, speaking at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas convention’s valedictory function said that Non-Resident Indians attending the event should visit Madhya Pradesh’s tourist attractions, including its tigers reserves.

“I will summon you to see the Cheetahs during February.” “We are allowing (tourists visits) starting February,” he stated.

Chouhan claimed that Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, facilitated the importation of cheetahs in Namibia. Chouhan also stated that more cheetahs have been coming from South Africa.

It was extremely difficult to say goodbye at the convention to NRI guests, he said. He also compared it to the “vidaai”, which is when a bride leaves the parents’ home.

He explained that the QR code they were given can be used to track the growth of the saplings planted at the Global Park.

The CM also encouraged NRIs and others to join the Global Investors summit, which begins Wednesday.

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