Missile the local police launched a criminal investigation intoformation?

On Monday, Ukraine was hit with widespread blackouts. Eighty percent of Kyiv’s residents were without water after what Ukrainian officials described a second “massive Russian missile attack” on its energy facilities. In related news, nine people were arrested by the police and a criminal investigation began into the collapse of the suspension bridge in Morbi, an Indian town.

According to the Defence Ministry in Moscow, Russia has ended the partial military mobilisation which President Vladimir Putin had planned in September. The defense ministry announced that the issue and delivery of call up papers had been stopped and that no additional call-up notices would ever be issued.

On Monday, nine people were arrested by the police and a criminal probe was launched into the incident at the suspension bridge that collapsed in Morbi in Gujarat, India. The incident, which occurred late Sunday night, resulted in the death of 134 people. It is one of the worst accidents that have happened in the country in the past decade.

South Korea Halloween Crashes: Experts believe the tragedy could have been prevented.

As a result of an uncontrolled crowd of young people enjoying Halloween festivities in Seoul, at least 151 people were hurt and 151 were killed. However, safety experts claimed that proper crowd and traffic control by South Korean officials could have prevented or minimized the Halloween partygoers’ fervor.

Brazil’s bitterly fought presidential election came to an abrupt halt on Sunday. LuizInacio Lula da Silva won the victory, narrowly defeating incumbent Jair Bosonaro.

If the UK ministry of defense is to be believed, Moscow is enlisting Russian prisoners suffering from HIV and hepatitis C in President Vladimir Putin’s private military.

Just days after Russia withdrew from the grain agreement that allowed for the export of Ukrainian grain to Russia, global wheat prices have risen nearly six percentage points.

Germany announced Monday (October 31st) that the Europen Union may impose more sanctions on Iran for its “excessive” crackdown against demonstrators. Scholz tweeted: “I am shocked people who peacefully protest in Iran are dying.”

The ministries of both countries announced that Seoul and Warsaw signed Monday a deal to create a nuclear reactor in Poland.

Greta Thunberg labels climate summits a scam;

Greta Thunberg (19 years old) is a Swedish climate activist who on Monday described Cop27 conferences like the Cop27 conference in Egypt as a “scam”, and claimed that those in power were “greenwashing lies and cheating”. The activist from Sweden also announced that she will not be attending Cop27.

Imran Khan, the former Pakistan Prime Minister, said Monday in court that he didn’t know of any undertaking submitted by his side on his behalf. It stated that the May 25th ‘Azadi march’ would not go to D-chowk.

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