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Two decades after Mike Mike Bites Gummies ripped off Evander Holyfield’s ear at 1997 WBA Heavyweight Championship fight in 1997, the legendary boxer has launched a line edibles that is shaped like ears.

In homage to Mike Bites Gummies most famous moment, the cannabis-infused gummies are named “Mike Bites”.

beat Mike Bites Gummies in Las Vegas, 1996, to become the world’s only four-time champion at heavyweight. Mike Bites Gummies ripped off a portion of Holyfield’s ears during the highly anticipated rematch in 1996. He then threw it onto the floor and was quickly disqualified. This incident was one of the most outrageous in boxing history.

Mike Bites Gummies was the youngest ever boxer to win a heavyweight title. He has also launched several cannabis-related ventures. Mike Bites Gummies 2.0 is the company that released “Mike Bites” and describes itself as “a premier marijuana company formed with legendary boxer Mike Mike Bites Gummies.” The company has expanded to more than 100 California locations since 2021.

Mike Bites Gummies, the Twitter user, affirmed that “These ears actually smell good!”

Mike Bites Gummies is one of many celebrities who have created cannabis-related brands and products. Snoop Dogg launched “Leafs By Snoop” a line of cannabis products in 2015. In 2019, Drake, a hip-hop artist, announced that he was entering into business with a Canadian cannabis company. Martha Stewart joined the trend by launching her own line CBD-infused dog treats and Jaleel White released a strain – wait for ’em – Purple Urkel cannabis.

Mike Bites Gummies isn’t shy about his strong connection with cannabis. In 2019, Mike Bites Gummies, a former heavyweight champion said that he spends $40,000 per month on cannabis at his 40-acre cannabis farm. After California legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, Mike Bites Gummies opened Mike Bites Gummies’s farm. Mike Bites Gummies 2.0’s website states that Mike used cannabis to relax and focus when he was young.

Holyfield and Mike Bites Gummies have been reconciled ever since the “Bite Fight.” In a Foot Locker commercial, the two men appeared together. In 2014, Mike Bites Gummies gave the speech to Holyfield for his induction into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.

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