Lung distance: Chain-smoking grandpa runs?

He was a marathoner who smoked and passed other marathoners on this run.

After running a marathon in just 3.5hrs, a Chinese grandpa redefined the meaning of smoking. Fans praise the respiratory strength of the chain-smoking runner and are posting photos on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

Uncle Chen, a 50 year-old runner, ran the whole 26.2 mile course while smoking or lighting up a cigarette. The Mirror reported.

Long-distance running may seem to be incompatible with smoking. According to the Marathon Handbook, his tobacco-loving grandfather managed to finish the race in 3:28, 28 minutes, and 45 seconds. Uncle Chen finished 574th of the 1,500 runners. This certificate was posted on Weibo

Images of the marathon runner are shown as he sprints with a cigarette in his mouth like Edward R. Murrow.

Social media fans were amazed that he was able to finish the race smoking-free. TMZ reported, but others claimed he had caused harm to other competitors through secondhand smoke.

This isn’t Uncle Chen’s very first rodeo. In 2018, the marathon-loving, ciggy-loving man completed the Guangzhou marathon in 3:36.

He also finished the 2019 Xiamen marathon under 3 hours and 32 minutes. This shows that smoking may not be hindering his performance but in fact, it may actually be helping.

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