LT Video Fight ( july 2022 ) – Was LT Video Boxer?

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Have you seen the fighting video of LT yet? The Fighting Video of LT has gone viral on social media. Millions of Twitter users have seen it. Many people from Worldwide are discussing the video and asking questions. This article will answer all your LT video fight questions.

What’s the story with the LT Fighting video footage?

Laurie Michael, also known as LT, was a victim in the murder. He was just 24 years old at the time he was attacked and killed in the mall. This incident was recorded by a man, and the fighting video circulated online. According to the video, the incident took place in front of the entire Brunswick Mall crowd, where he was stabbed in his neck. The video shows that Seyram Kwami (a 20-year-old man) has been charged in connection with the murder of Michael Tagaola.

Was LT Video Boxer?

People were stunned by the video of LT. However, the fighting video shows the style Laule faced and the stance LT took to defend himself and avoid being attacked. This made many wonder if Laule Michael tagaola was a fighter or if he was involved in any sporting events. We would like to inform readers that LT is not a boxer and has no connection to any sport. His social media accounts have not posted any information related to boxing, or any sporting event.

LT Video Boxer Investigation

LT was not helped by an officer who rushed to the scene during the fight. The investigation into the murder of Laurie Michael Tagaola has begun and Seyram Kwami has been taken into custody by the officers as a prime suspect.

People were terrified that this happened in front of everyone. LT was stabbed in the stomach to death in a public area, so it is possible that it could happen anywhere. People are now worried about disputes with anyone.

What do people think after and LT Video Fight ?

Laurie says that Michael Tagaola was a friend of LT, who was a kind-hearted man. He was also a good friend. He was a caring person and was able to help others. Then, he was suddenly murdered. People are expressing concern for their safety and offering their condolences. The video has shocked many people and they are now unsure if their safety is at risk.


We discussed LT’s viral fight clip and answered questions about the video in this article. We also shared the opinions of the public about this fight incident.

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