Liger Wordle ( july 2022 ) – Wordle 390 Answer and Hints

This article covers Liger Wordle as well as all the hints, and gameplay. Follow this link if you found it useful.

The game attracted over a million players worldwide. It has been a huge success and has become a phenomenon in the world of video games. Are you familiar with the wordle 390 answers? This game is popular in Australia and India. Are you interested in trying this game? Ever wonder why this is so popular? Is there anything interesting about it? If so, what? Are you able to play it? Don’t worry, just read this article Liger Wordle until the end to satisfy your curiosity.

Wordle 390 Answer and Hints

Perhaps you’ve thought of something else or you are correct about the answer. Unfortunately, sometimes the answer doesn’t turn out to be what you think. Today’s wordle answer is LIVER.

Let’s take a look at the following tips

  • This refers to an abdominal organ that is involved in metabolic processes.
  • The wordle does not allow for the repetition of any word twice.
  • The word’s origins are from the old English, a lifer.

Are you also confused with Liger Wordle? You are not the only one who gets confused. This is not a difficult question. However, it is important to have some knowledge about human anatomy and the organs.

Details on wordle game and gameplay-

Wordle is a well-known game that requires you to solve a mystery by using clues. This game was created by the welsh software. You are given five boxes that you must fill with the correct guesses after reading all the hints. People thought the answer was Liger Wortle before they actually gave it.

Let’s look at the gameplay.

  • Each player will be given six chances to solve a word-problem of five words.
  • Your guesses are welcome on the keyboard
  • You can change the color, making it easy to sort and play.
  • If the color turns to green it is a sign that you have correctly guessed it.
  • If the color turns up to be yellow, your word is correct but incorrect.
  • If the color is Gray, you have entered the wrong word.

Wordle offers daily mystery and allows users to understand and learn new words.

The Liger Wordle was difficult to solve?

It’s not difficult, but it can be hard if you don’t have the basics of anatomy and the terms that go with it.


Wordle 14 July 2022 wordle 390 had liver as the correct answer. Most people assumed it was Liger but that’s okay. This is what happens when we get stuck on wordles. This article contains all the answers to Liger 390 questions and gameplay.

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