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Kymberly Shein has passed away. Kymberly Herrin, an actress most well-known for her haunting music videos and Ghostbusters role, died peacefully on 28 October 2022. Her fans were shocked by the news and are now searching for information about her obituary.

Canadians and Americans want to know why. Here are the details for KymberlyHerin’s Obituary.

ymberly Herrin Causes the Death

Kymberly succumbed to breast cancer. Her cause of death is unknown. At 65, she died.

Kymberly Henderin has died. Funeral

Her family and friends have not revealed the details of her funeral. We don’t have any information.

Who are Kymberly’s parents?

Kymberly’s mother Billie Dodson, as well as her brother Mark Kerrin, are her survivors. Her father’s identity remains unknown.

Is Kymberly an unmarried woman?

We don’t know the details of her marriage. Sources indicate that she was not married at time of death.

Kymberly Height, More

Elizabeth, the Ghostbuster actress was 1.73m tall. She was best-known for her role on the movie Playboy Playdate and also appeared in many music videos.

Kymberly Herrin Wikipedia

Table Full Name Kymberly Ellen Herrin was born October 2, 1957 Santa Barbara Country, California Model Age 65 years Marital Status Notmarried Nationality American Zodiac SIGN Libra

Kymberly Herman Biography

Kymberly was conceived in Santa Barbara on October 2, 2005. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She was a star in many music videos, and movies. She is most remembered for her roles as Ghostbuster (and Playboy Playdate).

What’s Kymberly worth?

According to celebrity net worth pages and sources, Kymberly’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. Take a look at the tweet.

Kymberly Educational Qualifications

Kymberly is a Santa Barbara native. She graduated from Santa Barbara High School. She graduated Santa Barbara College.

Kymberly’s Birthday and Age

Kymberly was 66 when she died.


Kymberly’s obituary details are still to be finalized . She will always be remembered as a pioneer in the field of movies. We are praying for her. Are you interested in the latest news? Leave a comment below.

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