Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid slammed for silence on disturbing?

Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid were two celebrities who are calling for Balenciaga’s denial of its problematic ads that feature children holding teddy bears in bondage-style harnesses.

The controversial campaign was pulled by, a luxury fashion house. Balenciaga deleted every photo from its Instagram account the next day. kept its Story highlights up, including an apology about the bad news bears.

The extravagant brand stated in a statement to The Post on Wednesday that it was business as usual, so don’t misunderstand the social media scrub.

A rep said that Balenciaga’s Instagram account was periodically deleted after each campaign, collection launch, etc.

The ads supported Balenciaga’s spring 2023 line, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week this fall.

Hadid posted then deleted an Insta carousel Wednesday amid the uproar. The Instagram post included images from her Balenciaga campaign . A Hadid rep didn’t return The Post’s request to comment.

Since the publication of the bear ads, the supermodel, 26, has not publicly criticized the fashion house. Fans were happy that she had scrapped the images.

Kardashian, 42, will also be called upon to publicly voice his disapproval of the company. The Skims founder has a long relationship with Balenciaga. This includes posing for its winter 2022 campaign and walking at its Paris couture fashion show.

That experience will be featured prominently on Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians” (Hulu).

Kardashian’s source said that Kardashian was upset and disturbed by the holiday campaign. She has zero tolerance for the abuse and exploitation of children as a mother.

The source said that she spoke privately with Balenciaga’s team and saw that they immediately removed the images and apologized publicly. She is optimistic that they will learn from this incident, and that it doesn’t happen again.

Kardashian’s Instagram comments have been flooding with support, asking her to fix the problematic ads.

“Nobody wants anything to do with you.” “Speak up and stand up for something,” one fan complained about her post in which suggested a sale of her skin care products.

“Please speak out about Balenciaga. It is impossible to avoid the fact that you are such a strong supporter of them,” one fan asked.

Kim, when will you respond? Another begged, “Your reputation is on the line.”

“You’re a mom. Do not let it slide,” said another mother-of-four.

Kim Kardashian was joined by Dua Lipa (Hadid), Nicole Kidman (Nikki Kidman), and Naomi Campbell at the star studded Paris runway show. None of these women seem to have spoken out about the BDSM ads.

Kidman shared a photo taken from a Balenciaga campaign onto Instagram Monday. It was still online Wednesday evening.

In the winter ’22 campaign, stars such as Alexa Demie and Khadim Sock, Big Matthew, and Kim Yeon-koung also made an appearance. The brand has not been publicly condemned by them as of press time.

Lala, the star of “Vanderpump Rules”, has called Balenciaga out in an Instagram Stories . On Wednesday, she declared that she is “glad to have not owned one single piece” of Balenciaga.

Wednesday was also a day when Gabriele Galimberti, a photographer who was involved in the campaign, released his own statementafter images were removed, stating that he was not responsible.

Galimberti wrote that although I am not able to comment on Balenciaga’s decisions, he stressed that he was not entitled to make any choice about the models or products.

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