Kenan Thompson Snl 2022 Reviews ( Aug 2022 ) – An overview of Kenan Thompson

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We are pleased to share with you information regarding the retirement of American showrunner Michaels. Dear Readers, Have you heard about Kenan Thompson? He is a cast member in the NBC comedy series SNL.

Kenan THOMPSON SNL 2022 responded to the question regarding Lorne’s exit from the United States Program ‘Saturday Night Live’, July 30, 2022. He indicated that SNL’s 50th Anniversary would be the ideal opportunity to bring the show back to life.

An overview of Kenan Thompson –

Kenan, a 44-year old comedian, was added to SNL in 2003. He is the longest-tenured cast member. His work on Saturday Night Live has earned him the Primetime Emmy Award. He was also nominated in Nickelodeon’s Comedy Series for best supporting actor.

Kenan Thompson Net Worth 2022 

Kenan works as an actor and voice-over artist. According to a celebrity wealth report, his net worth stands at USD 13 million. Media reports indicate that veteran comedians receive an average amount of $25000 per episode. This is equal to $525000 annually.

Kenan has been on many comedy shows, so he has multiple sources of income. However, his main source of income is acting and comedy. Kenan also has a large amount of money from SNL since he has been with it for a longer time. Kenan’s SNL 2022 annual salary is approximately 2 or 3 million.

The average cast member receives $7000 for each episode. There are 21 episodes in a season. For average comedians, however, the amount is increasing each year. In the second year, they make $8000 for each episode. In the fifth season, this amount is twice as high. However, it is not easy to get there. The average earnings for a contestant making it to the fifth season is $15000 per episode. That’s equivalent to $315000 per Season. This Show is a huge success for Kenan.

Data is gathered from media sources and celebrity news. Thompson did not disclose the source of the money.


Q.1 Is Kenan Thompson married?

A.1 Yes, he’s married to the 33 year-old actor from Mini Supreme movie Christina Anne.

Q.2 Does Kennan has children?

A.2 Yes, he does have two daughters Georgian and Gianna.


Michaels, a well-known comedian and longest-serving cast member on Saturday Night Live at NBC, talks about Michaels’s retirement. The show will end on July 30, 2022.

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