Is Prime Day A Scam Reviews ( july 2022 ) – Amazon Prime Day 2022 Scams

This article explains how scammers used Amazon Prime Day to steal customers’ money. Read more details about Is Prime Day a Scam.

Do you want to learn more about the Amazon shopping season? Are you interested in more information about the huge sale at Amazon? Continue reading to learn all you need as a customer.

Amazon offers two days of amazing deals for customers in the United States. The most frequently asked question is’Is Prime Day A Scam‘. Let’s take a look at it.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Scams

Amazon Prime Day offers a variety of deals to their customers. Customers can take advantage of these deals on the 12th and 13th of July 2022. Scammers are also using the event to steal official Amazon offers.

Scammers trick customers into creating fake email addresses and websites using the name Amazon. This is done to con customers into paying through other payment channels. According to FTC data, Amazon impersonators stole $54,11 from 541 customers in 2021. Let’s first analyze ” Is Prime Day Worth it?”

Why Prime Day Targeted?

  • According to official reports, scammers are more common during Amazon Prime Day than on other days.
  • Scammers send fake emails to customers and advertise great discounts.
  • The Prime Day sales offer huge discounts that people don’t find suspicious.
  • Scammers abuse the trust people have with Amazon and try to make them believe they are Amazon.
  • Online fraudsters make the fake Amazon logo look more convincing by using its designs in emails and advertisements.

Prime Day Scam?

  • First, Amazon Prime Day does not represent a fraud. Prime Day is a day when Amazon offers products at a discount to its customers.
  • Phishing rates are reported to be at an all-time high around Amazon Prime Day, as fraudsters gain more customers.
  • Amazon boasts a huge user base of over 148 million Americans. Scammers are attracted to this large user base during sales season.
  • Non-Amazon customers also get spam offers about Amazon Prime Day, but they are not Amazon customers.

How to Avoid Scammers

  • Avoid pop-up advertisements that are too flashy. Learn more about’Prime Day a Scam
  • Use the official sites to place any order.
  • Users can also use the official Amazon app listed on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to purchase products.
  • Avoid clicking on the links to external sites that are mentioned in emails about Amazon Discounts.


Amazon Prime Day is an official sales event offering huge discounts. However, as a informed customer, make sure that you receive the offers via the official Amazon app.

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