Insaan should remain Insaan Their ostentatious rhetoric of supremacy?

Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal made a snide comment on January 11, about RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat saying “Hindusthan must remain Hindusthan”. He stated that he agree with that statement, but that ” Insaan” (human beings), should be kept Insaan.

M. Bhagwat stated that Muslims have nothing to be afraid in India but that they must give up their “boisterous rhetoric” of supremacy.

M. Bhagwat told Organiser and Panchjanya that Hindusthan should be Hindusthan in an interview. It is not harmful for Muslims living in Bharat today… Islam has nothing that should be afraid. Muslims must, however, abandon their exaggerated rhetoric of supremacy.

“We are an exalted people; once we ruled over this country, and we shall again rule it; only our path will be right; everyone else is wrong; because we are different, we cannot live together; they must give up this narrative. “In fact, everyone who lives here, no matter if they’re Hindu or communists must abandon this logic,” said the RSS chief.

In response to the comments, Mr. Sibal posted on Twitter: “Bhagwat – ‘Hindusthan must remain Hindusthan’ Agree. But: Insaan should remain Insaan.” Bhagwat stated that Hindus are now more aggressive than ever because of the awakening in a society that has been at the forefront of war for more than 1,000 years.

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