India-Russia Summit not to take place this year due to “scheduling issues?

New Delhi [India], 10 December (ANI). The annual India-Russia summit where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin this year is not likely to take place, sources have said. Sources claim that PM Modi has not met Putin due to a nuclear threat. This is untrue. According to sources, the meeting is not happening due to scheduling issues. Several media reports claimed that PM Modi was not meeting Putin because of Russian President’s threats to use nukes in the Ukraine war. According to sources, the meeting between New Delhi & Moscow has been cancelled because of scheduling issues. This decision does not have to do with the ongoing Ukraine war. India and Russia have held an annual summit since 2000. The Hyderabad house in New Delhi hosted the last annual summit in December 2021. Putin was present at that meeting and PM Modi was due to fly to Moscow this year. COVID-19 prevented in-person summits from being held in 2020. In 2021, PM Modi and Putin held their 2+2 Ministerial Conversation and signed an agreement for the purchase of 6,014,427 assault rifles AK-203 via Indo-Russia Rifles Pvt Ltd. This was part of the military-technical collaboration arrangement for 2021-31. India-Russia 2+2 Dialogue marked a first 2+2 meeting of foreign and defence ministers. This statement was also quoted at the G20 Summit held in Bali, Indonesia. According to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement, India and Russia had extensive discussions about recent developments and issues on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council.

Vershinin congratulated India about its Presidency of UN Security Council, December 2022. (ANI)

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