How the pandemic has affected photographers at the Gateway of India

Quite recently, guests at the Gateway of India got themselves wonderful memorabilia as a photo. Picture takers held up with their cameras hoping to catch the cheerful snapshots of these guests who come to see the Gateway of India. Yet, presently with the incomplete lockdown, and limitations in movement, there are scarcely any guests at the Gateway of India, while the photographic artist’s pause.

It has been accounted for that the pandemic has hit picture takers at the Gateway of India. The movement area on an entire has been extraordinarily influenced, and these picture takers are the same. The photographic artists who once used to charm sightseers with the cameras, for the most part, those coming from outside the city, are presently vulnerable. As indicated by them, they are not procuring anything contrasted with what they did before the pandemic. It is currently being accounted for that after the underlying unwinding on the lockdown that occurred in the period of October last year, picture takers had started to procure again. In any case, things returned to being sad after January 2021.

As indicated by a photographic artist, there were around 400 picture takers at the Gateway of India, and the Taj Hotel at Colaba. Yet, the pandemic has constrained the vast majority of them to get back to the places where they grew up, and just around 100 of them are left at this point. Some others have started to work in different regions, like development, or as vegetable sellers.

Sometime in the past these photographic artists used to get around 500 to 700 clients in a day, and that has now boiled down to 150, and on certain days there are none. With individuals terrified of going right now, most guests at this famous spot are local people.

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