German bishops the Vatican’s supporters claimed that they expect “finally a clear signal of appreciation?

CNA Deutsch reported. German Catholics have taken a stand against the Synodal Way and called for Pope Francis’ intervention.

“Intervene courageously!” said the organizers for the Neuer Anfang. “Stop the pseudodemocratic restructuring the Church!” Protect the common faith Also, defend the weak against violence from the apparatus.”

Nevertheless, the Vatican’s supporters claimed that they expect “finally a clear signal of appreciation of German Synodal Way,” according to CNA Deutsch.

The Synodal Way (sometimes translated as Synodal Path in German) is controversial process. It aims to debating and passing resolutions on four subjects: how power is used in the Church and the priesthood, and the roles of women and sexual morality.

Pope Francis warned in 2019 in a letter addressed to German Catholics that disunity could occur.

Pope Francis, speaking in early November, spoke of making sure that people don’t lose their faith.

He was right to say that Germany had a great Protestant church. I don’t want another one that isn’t as good as the one I have. I want Catholics and the Protestant Church to be fraternally unified.”

AC Wimmer is founding Editor-in-Chief of CNA Deutsch. Former senior executive at SBS (public broadcaster) and graduate of Monash University (Australia), Wimmer has been a journalist all over the globe. Before joining EWTN News the Australian with Bavarian heritage was Editor-in Chief of the newspaper Archdiocese Munich.


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