French President Macron Resigns ( july 2022 ) – Reason for French President Macron Resigns

This French President Macron Resigns will inform our readers about Macron’s Betrayal and his secret deal to an American Company.

Are you aware of what is happening in France? France’s president was ordered to resign. This sensational news is so popular that many people around the globe, including Canada and, are trying to find the reason for this registration order.

We will be discussing and updating all information regarding the resignation of French President Macron in this post on French President Macron. Continue reading to receive the most recent news updates on France news.

Why was Emmanuelle Macron ordered to resign?

Internet reports claim that he was asked to resign following an investigation which revealed that he had a secret contract for the advancement of an American company. This has been called the worst treachery in American history.

A leak of information led to a French official calling for Macron’s resignation. After an investigation by local politicians, the reason for Macron’s resignation was revealed. He had a “secret deal” with Uber in America.

Reason for French President Macron Resigns

After striking a secret deal to Uber’s foreign branch, Mr Emmanuel Macron made headlines. He also promised that the company would receive the legal requirement to obtain a license in France. Elisabeth Borne claims that he is not loyal France and that Mr Macron has placed his national interests above France.

Sources claim that he had already abandoned France to support the interests of an American corporation. This new revelation is proof of his treachery.

This betrayal led to Mr. Emmanuel Macron making a secret deal for Uber, an American company to “make France work in Uber” French President Macron resigns

Uber Statement about this matter

Macron is under fire from the public. His plans are being thwarted and he has also lost his job because of his behavior. He is not respected anymore. According to leaked documents, the lobbyists for ride-sharing companies met with several Ministers in their Covert efforts at influencing London’s transport policy.

Uber emails claim that it is better to meet in London, as it is more private. However, Uber has secretly denied this lobbyist.

French President Macron ResignsThis was widely searched as it was difficult to believe that a Minister in post-holding could commit such a betrayal.

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We have wrapped up the post by providing all the latest information and updates regarding Macron’s resignation news. We also discussed the secret Uber-Macron deal, which led to public criticism. to learn more about Emmanuel Macron.

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