France has stated that it is increasing the number rescue boats in England Channel to help with growing numbers of migrants trying to reach Britain.

French Coastguard calls it an “unprecedented” deployment that will see two more vessels deployed.

These crossings have been made by more than 40,000 people this year, a record.

The French Coastguard reports that the Laperouse survey vessel arrived in Calais just a few hours ago, while the Kermorvan patrol boat will arrive within the next few days.

Their deployment is expected to increase the rescue abilities of the coastguard in the Channel-North Sea region.

The money will allow for more surveillance of French beaches. UK police officers will also have the ability to watch over France from their stations.

French officers who patrol the coast of France will likely increase from 250 to 350 in five months, according to some reports.

A large rise in the number and quality of Albanian nationals who make the journey has partly contributed to the increased numbers of migrants crossing this year’s Channel (also known as La Manche in France).

Up to 12,000 Albanians have arrived in Britain this year using small boats, as opposed to 50 arriving in 2020.

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