Fisher Investments Client Reviews ( july 2022 ) – Client Reviews by Fisher Investments:

You can find a real investment firm by reading the Fisher Investments Client Review article.

Are you searching for an investment plan? Are you familiar with Fisher Investments? If so, we ask that you carefully read the entire article before making any decisions. Fisher Investments is a global finance management company that is located in the United States. Fisher Investments serves more than 68,000 clients, and has around 175 institutions. Before you decide to take any service from them, make sure you read the reviews of their clients. You can find all the answers by reading the Fisher Investments Client Reviews Article.

Client Reviews by Fisher Investments:

You will see that Fisher Investments has both positive and negative reviews if you look at their “Customer Reviews” section. Some received four to five stars while others were rated just one or two stars. Fisher Investments only gets two stars out of five for overall rating. Both the cons and pros were mentioned by clients. After a thorough analysis, we discovered that Fisher Investments has more pros than cons. To learn more, please read the Fisher Investments Client Reviews Article.

Joe, a client, posted a review 25 July 2022. He wrote in the pros section that Fisher Investments people are friendly. He also wrote in the cons section about the boilerplate system, misleading services, and the lack of transparency. He mentioned that he should review the reviews before deciding to take any action. He only gave one star.

Fred, a client of Fisher Investments, wrote that the firm had persuasive TV ads on the 22nd of July 2022. However, he stated that Fisher Investments was pushy and insensitive and that they put on a lot of pressure. He also gave one star.

Positive response from the Fisher Investments Client Review :

Some clients mentioned great communication, fancy mails, polished presentations, TV commercials and good narratives in the pros section.

The cons section is actually much more than the pros. Many clients have not mentioned a positive thing about Fisher Investments. If the firm receives 20 % positive reviews, there will be 80% negative reviews.

Background for Fisher Investments:

Fisher Investments was founded by Ken Fisher in 1979. Fisher Investments is a well-known name in the investment industry. Camas, Washington is their main office. After reading the Fisher Investments Client Review, will you be able to trust this firm? Although they may have clients in Canada, Europe and the Middle East, their reviews are not good enough to be trusted.

Information about Fisher Investments:

  1. There are a total 1,320 advisors.
  2. They have totaled $208,905,102 and124 assets.
  3. The address of the office is at 5525 Northwest Fisher Creek Drive in Camas, Washington 98607.
  4. Their official website is https://www.fisherinvestments.


Fisher Investments is not the right place for you. There are many investment firms available. The best example of why Fisher Investments might not be the right choice is today’s Fisher Investments Client Review article.

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