Fire captain arrested on suspicion of assault following July 3 punch

A Los Angeles County Fire Department skipper was captured on doubt of attack following a squabble in Stevenson Ranch recently. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office affirmed Wednesday to examiners that they would accuse Clint of attack.

A local group of firefighters Capt. Adam Clint of Station 108 was captured July 3 after delegates reacted to a report of a potential attack on the 25000 square of Keats Lane.

After starting meetings once showing up on the scene, the examiners announced that a lady was driving home on the private road when she was gone up against by Clint, a mortgage holder, who said she was driving too quickly through the area.

Following the encounter, the lady drove home and alarmed her significant other, who then, at that point headed to Clint’s home and had a conflict with him on the doorstep.

Clint supposedly attacked the man after he pivoted to leave the doorstep, as per sheriff’s authorities.

Clint was captured later that very day on July 3 on doubt of attack without a weapon liable to cause extraordinary substantial injury.

Fire Capt. Ron Haralson affirmed that the division knew about the capture, yet couldn’t affirm or remark on Clint’s work with the Fire Department or then again if there had been any disciplinary activity taken against him considering the capture. He referred to a division strategy that prominent he couldn’t remark on workforce matters.

Clint was held in lieu of $50,000 bail, which was posted that very day, as per Sheriff’s Department capture records.

The District Attorney’s Office didn’t promptly react to a solicitation for data in regards to the forthcoming charge.

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