FIFA the fight against during the World Cup matches?

DOHA (AP) — After Iran and Wales lost at the World Cup on Wednesday, FIFA issued a public guarantee that rainbow items and banners that support protests against Iran will be allowed in stadiums.

Qatari authorities organized stadium security officers to seize items that had rainbow colors or slogans, such as “Women.” Life. Freedom” to stop them getting into stadiums.

Seven European teams lost the fight against during the World Cup matches. Some supporters complained that rainbow-colored armbands, a symbol of LGBTQ rights and allowed into the stadiums at the conservative Islamic emirate, were not allowed.

The match in Qatar between Iran and the United States Tuesday was fraught with emotion for Iranian fans. Many had traveled from Iran to support their team and to join the protest movement at home with banners or flags.

“FIFA has been made aware of incidents in which permitted items were not allowed at stadiums,” the soccer’s world body said Wednesday. This statement came more than a week after several incidents at World Cup stadiums were reported. “FIFA has been assured by authorities that venues commanders have been contacted with respect to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 202022 rules and regulations.”

FIFA’s assurances seem to have been overridden by Qatari authorities.

After the World Cup’s final results Tuesday night, Iran and Wales will no longer play each other. The knockout rounds began for the United States and England.

FIFA stated, “FIFA continues its close collaboration with the Host Country to ensure full implementation of the related regulations and agreed protocols.”

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