Edward Snowden Russia granted him permanent residence?

Anatoly Kucherena, Anatoly’s lawyer, claimed that Snowden received his passport on Thursday. This was three months after Russian President Vladimir Putin granted him the citizenship.

According to reports, Snowden did not renounce his US citizenship. After arriving from Hong Kong in 2013, Snowden was denied entry to the United States and left for Moscow.

Russia granted him permanent residency. He married Lindsay Mills from America in 2017, and they have two children.

Washington State Department spokeswoman Ned Price claimed that while the US was aware of reports that Snowden had completed his Russian citizenship, they could not confirm the claims. She also said that questions about Snowden’s status were referred to the Russian government. Price indicated that the Biden administration would be not surprised if the reports are true.

Price said to reporters, “Mr Snowden has always signaled his allegiance Russia. This would only formalize that.”

Snowden leaked documents about the National Security Agency’s collection data that passed through the infrastructure of US internet and phone companies. He also provided details on the US intelligence budget, as well the extent of American surveillance over foreign officials, such as those leading US-allied countries.

Snowden said he disclosed the information because he felt the US intelligence agency had gone too far and violated civil liberties.

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