Dua Lipa shared an Instagram story Sunday that read?

Dualipa denied reports that she would perform at the Fifa Men’s World Cup Opening Ceremony in Qatar on Sunday.

The singer stated that she looks forward to visiting Qatar after it fulfills all of its human rights commitments.

Qatar has been criticized for its position on same-sex relationships and human rights, as well as its treatment of migrant worker workers.

Other acts that will be performing include Robbie Williams as well as BTS’s Jung Kook.

In February 2021 the Guardian reported that 6500 migrants from India and Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka , had died in Qatar since Qatar won its World Cup bid.

Qatar’s government however claims the total is misleading as not all deaths were from people who were working on World Cup projects.

Lipa posted an Instagram Story on Sunday: “There’s a lot speculation that I will be performing during the opening ceremony at the World Cup in Qatar.”

“I won’t be performing, and I have never been involved with any negotiation to perform.

“I will cheer England off from afar… One love Dua.”

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Lipa, who was born in London to Kosovar–Albanian parents is not the only major name not to play in Qatar.

Sir Rod Stewart recently admitted that he turned down the offer.

“I actually received a lot of money, more than $1m, to go there 15 months back. It was not an offer I accepted. It’s wrong to go,” he said to the Sunday Times.

“And the Iranians [football] team should be out [of World Cup] too for providing arms”, he stated, referring to Iran’s supply of explosive drones Russia. Iran denies this.

Russia was removed from all competitions by Fifa and Uefa after its invasion of Ukraine in February.

Other acts, such as Black Eyed Peas, a US pop/rap band, and J Balvin, a Colombian singer, will perform at Qatar tournament events.

Joe Lycett, comedian, has sent an ultimatum David Beckham, Qatar World Cup ambassador, during the interim.

Lycett promised PS10,000 of his own funds to charity if Beckham ended his multimillion-pound deal in Qatar.

The law against homosexuality in this country is strict. Same-sex relationships can lead to the death penalty.

Lycett threatens to destroy PS10,000 if the former player refuses.

Lycett warns Beckham that his “status as gay icon” will be destroyed if he doesn’t end his relationship in Qatar.

David Beckham has been contacted by BBC for comment. His management said that they are not commenting at the moment.

Beckham has been urged by the Qatari government to voice out regarding the criminalization and abuse of same-sex relations.

Last year, a source close the star told the BBC that David wanted to know the facts and address any concerns he might have about his gay friends, supporters, and fans.

“While there are differences in laws and beliefs within the region, Qataris have always stated that everyone will be safe at the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. He believes this commitment is genuine and has witnessed evidence of proactive engagement by the World Cup organisers with the international LBGTQ population.”

Last week, Qatar World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman was the talk of Qatar after it was revealed he had referred homosexuality to “damage within the mind”.

Human Rights Watch described the remarks of the former Qatari international as “harmful, unacceptable and unacceptable”.

Rasha Younes is a senior LGBT rights researcher at Human Rights Watch. She stated: “The failure to counter this false Information by the Qatari Government has a significant affect on the lives LGBT residents in Qatar. This includes fuelling discrimination against them and justifying the state-sponsored convert practices.”

Organisers say that there will not be any discrimination against anyone who comes to see the tournament.

Beckham’s former England, Manchester United teammate Gary Neville appeared recently as a guest host on the BBC’s topical news quiz . Ian Hislop asked him about his decision not to travel to Qatar in order to provide commentary on the World Cup.

Neville said, “My view was that you either highlight the problems and challenges in these nations and speak about them” “I have always stated that we should challenge these countries.”

Hislop replied, “There’s another way. You can stay home and expose the abuses.”

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