Deeply disturbing’: UN on first public execution since Taliban takeover?

Geneva [Switzerland], Dec. 8, 2008 (ANI): This is thought to be the first execution in public in Afghanistan since the Taliban took power last year. It was criticised by the UN human rights office OHCHR on Wednesday.
Taliban executed the first murder trial since the militant group overtook the country last year. Voice of America (VOA), reported that the execution took place in a public location. Zabihullah Mojahid, spokesperson for Taliban said that the public execution was held in a Farah sports stadium.
The execution was witnessed by hundreds, including top officials of the group. According to the Taliban spokesperson, the execution was carried out in the Taliban courts. The subsequent appellate tribunals also tried the executed person. Jeremy Laurence, spokesperson for the OHCHR, described the event as “deeply concerning”. Moreover, he added, it was performed in the presence of local residents and some senior members of the de facto authorities.Reminding that public executions constitute a form of “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”, he stressed that they are “arbitrary in nature and contrary to the right to life protected under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Afghanistan is a State party”.

According to reports, the victim was accused of murder in Farah province after being accused of stabbing another man five years ago. According to a Taliban spokesperson, the father of the victim executed the sentence.

Over a dozen senior Taliban According to reports, officials were present. The country’s supreme Court has recently announced that public lashings will be resumed for crimes such as adultery and robbery.

The death penalty is inconsistent with fundamental human rights principles and cannot be reconciled to the full respect of life, stated OHCHR’s Jeremy Laurence. We urge de facto authorities in order to immediately suspend any executions and to act quickly to stop the use of the death penalty.

UNAMA, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, echoed this message via social media. It tweeted that “the UN strongly opposes death penalty in any circumstances” and urged the Taliban “with a view towards abolishing the death penalty”.

The United States has also been slammed for its actions. Taliban After reports of public executions and floggings of Afghan civilians by radical Islamic groups,
Speaking during the US State Department At Wednesday’s press conference, spokesperson Ned Price stated, “This indicates to us that we are confident in the TalibanSeek to – Return to the 1990s’ regressive, abusive practices.
“We have seen reports that the TalibanJudges were ordered to interpret the order. Sharia law . This includes public executions, amputations, and floggings. During a press conference, a spokesperson for the state department stated that they had seen reports of a public execution.

In August 2021, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan and imposed strict restrictions on basic rights, especially those of women and girls. The Taliban have censored and limited critical reporting and have detained and beat journalists. (ANI)


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