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About Crime Scene Photographs

Photos taken at crime scene include all photos taken during the commission of the crime. These photos can be taken by police or another authority after the crime is committed. Photos of the crime scene aid in investigation. These photos provide evidence of a horrific and horrifying crime scene. These photos can make people’s heads ache. Ted Bundy was a serial killer who is best known for his 1970 killing spree. He managed to escape from the police. Also included are photos of Ted Bundy’s crimes.

Facts About Crimescene Photos Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a serial killer who became well-known in the 1970s. Ted Bundy is featured on crimescene photos. These photos give an idea of his brutal killing.

Bundy is believed to have taken advantage of teenage girls. Bundy was known to have transported hitchhikers back when it was common for people to travel by hitchhiking. Bundy was in Seattle during the 1970s when the terror began. Below are some important facts about Ted Bundy

Date of Birth November 24, 1946
Death January 24, 1989
Father Theodore Robert Cowell
Mother Eleanor Louise Cowell
Convicted of Kidnapping, Criminal Assault
Executed at Florida State Prison, Raiford

What is Crime Scene Photo Members? Tripod?

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