Coyote attacks toddler in front of horrified dad outside Los Angeles home?

Los Angeles toddler at age 2 was attacked and dragged by a coyote. Her father, who was frazzled, saved her.

In Friday’s footage, the dad of the little girl is seen packing up his black SUV and leaving Woodland Hills to meet a coyote who sneaks up on the child.

As the coyote runs up to the little girl she can be seen being knocked off her feet as the coyote drags her along by her legs.

The child’s panicked cries alert her father who rushes over to grab her and shouts at her crazy coyote.

“I heard her crying and screaming, and I thought that she was falling down,” her dad, Ariel Eliyahuo stated NBC 4.

The panicked pop then grabs a plastic water bottle, and throws it at the coyote.

Shira Eliyahuo ran frantically from her front door to help her daughter.

The coyote knocked down the toddler and tried to drag it away.
Ariel Eliyahuo was the father of the little girl and ran over to scare it away.

She stated, “I noticed her pants were stained with blood. Then I took them off and discovered they had scratches.” “We had to get the rabies shot, and I just hope everything goes well.”

Ring cameras captured the family’s terrifying attack in broad daylight.

The couple, who have been living in Los Angeles for three year, say that even though they see coyotes and other wildlife, the animals are often afraid of humans.

The girl suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and she had to be given a rabies shot.
According to her parents she is still afraid to go outside after the coyote attack.

Her mother explained that there were many coyotes in the area, but they are often running away.

The girl was not suffering from any life-threatening injuries, and she received a shot against rabies. She is now too afraid to go outside, her parents say.

California officials took the bloody clothes from the little girl in order to match it with the DNA of the coyote, so that they could trap and euthanize the animal.

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