cigarettes the country now focuses on cigarette sticks?

Ordering tobacco companies to produce products in “ugly”, “unattractive” colors in an effort to reduce the number of cigarettes. Australia asked tobacco companies to stop using “attractive” graphics on cigarettes packets. The country now concentrates on cigarette stick.

Mark Butler discussed the country’s plans and highlighted that these decisions were made with an eye to the target of reducing the national daily smoking prevalence to less than 10% by 2025 (in just three years) and less than 5% by 2030.

Mark Butler, Australian health minister, said that Australia wants to go beyond simple packaging. The goal is to get to the cigarettes in the packets.

Mark Butler stated that while there is an awareness that innovation has occurred in the tobacco industry, but that it was not the only advantage the industry sought.

Mark Butler stated that he wanted to be involved in final designs but also wants to follow the lead of countries like Canada.

New changes will include bans on additives and the elimination of odd colors in cigarettes.

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