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Over the last few years, movies have seen a huge increase in popularity. People are now trying new genres in movies. With its cute and cool characters, anime has gained huge popularity. These days, people update their anime collection with new anime such as Edgerunner. What do you know about cyberpunk? Edgerunner? You may have heard of it. Are you an anime lover? Are you aware of the Netflix partnership with this anime series? It’s been Worldwide a long time since people have been waiting. You should be, Cyberpunk Wiki allows you to binge-watch.

What’s cyberpunk? Edgerunners?

It belongs to the anime genre and features sci-fi animation and thriller animation. Studio trigger produced it. Its inspiration comes from cyberpunk 2077 which was developed by CD Projekt. It is available in Japanese and English on Netflix. It will be released on Netflix in September 2022.

This was written by Yoshiki usa and Masahiko Oksuka. Cyberpunk Edgerunners characters will include David, Maine, Dorio and kiwi. These characters will be voiced and dubbed if they are available. Zach Aguilar will portray David. Aoi Yuki will play Lucy. Willian c. steepens will voice Maine. Takako Honda and Wataru Takagi respectively will voice kiwi. These voices are not all English. Japanese voice dubbing will differ so some may be from English and others from Japanese.

Cyberpunk Edge Runners – What is the main storyline?

The story centers on a young boy living in the streets trying to survive in a futuristic city where everyone is obsessed with body modification. This city is highly-technized and uses a lot of advanced technology. He doesn’t have an option and must survive. So he becomes an Egderunner (also known as cyberpunk).

The storyline revolves around a thriller that is based on scifi, something most people are familiar with. David Martinez Cyberpunk, the protagonist of the entire anime that revolves around the story.

Reviews on cyberpunk Edgerunners

This anime is loved by many people. The majority of reviews are positive. This is an anime that is very popular and loved by all. It has intense action and emotion, which people commented on. Although they hadn’t played cyberpunk 2077 before, they found it to be excellent.


You can now binge-watch Cyberpunk Edgerunners Mal on Netflix. The Cyberpunk edgerunners Mal reviews are outstanding. It has an 8.52/10 score, which is an acceptable score.

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