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When they saw “Christmas with You”, people thought about Angelina Torres. Want to learn more about Angelina Torres? Why did the director name her the protagonist of the film? This information is widely available in the United Kingdom and the United States. Continue reading the Angelina Torres Obituary article until the end to find out more.

Angelina Torres is who? And how did she get to her death? Is there any reason for her death

After watching “Christmas With You”, people are curious about Angelina Torres. This is the name listed in the credits section, when the director gives credit. Angelina Torres’s name appears in the credits section. Because the film is entirely dedicated to her. Who is she? She is the producer’s mother, to whom the whole film was dedicated.

Angelina Chaves Torres, German Michael Torres’s mom, was Angelina Chaves Torres. On July 24, 2020, she was 81 years old when she died. It could have been natural or caused by any disease. Family members aren’t able to confirm the cause.

Michael Torres is so in love with his mother that he posted an insincere Instagram post to honour his mother. The article is located under the section on social media links.

Angelina Torres Instagram Funeral & Obituary: Many people are searching for Angelina Torres via social media. Her name was featured on a Netflix Film. Angelina Torres is Michael Torres’ mother. This is a common gesture of love by creators. The funeral took place on 5 August 2022. Everyone acknowledged their presence. All of her grandchildren and children attended her funeral. She will be remembered by everyone as someone special.

Angelina Torres Biography. Angelina Torres Biography.

Angelina Torres was conceived by Octaviano & Soledad in Arizona on October 2, 1938. She has 10 siblings, 8 brothers and 2 sister. Angelina married German Torres, the father of Michael Torres. The couple has 6 children, including 5 daughters and 1 son. Their only son is Michael Chavez, the movie producer. Angelina is described by her spirituality as she teaches her children faith and then follows it.

Angelina Torres Wikipedia:

Real Name Angelina Chavez Torres Nick Name Unknown Date Of Birth 2 October 1938 Age 81 Nationality American Profession Unknown Parents Octaviano Chavez And Soledad Chavez Children 6 Children Partner German Torres


Angelina Chavez Norris died in a car accident July 24, 2020. This article will give you more information about Angelina Torris. Learn more about Angelina Torres.

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