CBI searches 50 locations The procurement, storage, and distribution of food grains?

Officials stated that the Central Bureau of Investigation launched a crackdown on alleged fraud in the Food Corporation of India. It conducted searches at 50 locations across Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi, after having arrested a DGM-ranking official.

According to them, the agency has been monitoring the roles of FCI officials from technical assistants up to executive directors.

According to them, the search was initiated after the arrest and bribe of Rs50,000 by a deputy general manger (DGM) at the FCI.

They stated that the operation was spread over multiple cities in Punjab, Haryana, as well as two locations in Delhi.

According to sources, the FCI has begun an operation against an “unholy conspiracy of corruption” that involves a series of officers, rice mill owners, merchants, etc. involved in the purchase, storage, distribution, and disposal of food grains.

After many complaints, the CBI was creating intelligence for the past six month, they stated.

They said the same about the State government employees.

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