Boretire Reviews ( july 2022 ) – Is Boretire Legit?

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Are you looking for a handmade flower vase to buy online in the United States You are looking for a tray with unique designs? Do you want free shipping on all orders? is a website that sells unique serving trays and handmade flower vase designs.

Would you like to see Boretire reviews before making a purchase at

Brief: is suspicious and fraudulent website. Its ‘About Us section copied content from, Boretire’s mission statement can be used to refer to any product or service. sells only 24 products from the category of:

  • Vase
  • Trays for serving

Analysis revealed that the website contained pages for multiple other products.

Many websites have also been able to copy the content of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies. In the FAQ section, you will find information regarding cancellations, returns and refunds.

Features: is Boretire Legit .

  • Buy flower vases and service trays at:
  • Social media Links mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. The links take you to the home page for social media websites.
  • Prices: Between $14.00 and $125.00
  • Physical Address: 1317 W Barrett st, TYLER, TX-75701, USA.
  • Boretire supports Customer Reviews, blogs andreviews. Blogs, however, are not supported by Boretire.
  • Terms And Conditions: Mentioned, but plagiarized by Boretire.
  • Privacy Policy: Mentioned but plagiarized by Boretire.
  • Phone or Whatsapp:+1(909)547-55637. Boretire’s contact number is
  • Store locator: Boretire did not feature a store locator.
  • Boretire reviews help and FAQ: currently on Boretire.
  • Delivery policy:Boretire will deliver your orders via Port Express within nine business days.
  • Shipping PolicyBoretire may take up to 4 days to process.
  • Cancellation policy:Orders are canceled at Boretire within 24 Hours
  • Tracking is not possible on Boretire
  • Return policy:Boretire allows returns within 30 calendar days.
  • Restocking fees:unspecified from Boretire
  • Policy on Refunds: Boretire has not specified the mode or timeframe for refunds, but it stated that it would return the entire amount. The refund process and timeframe are not specified.
  • Email Address:[email protected]
  • Method of Payment:via Amex.
  • Boretire reviews newsletters: not published By Boretire


  • Boretire offers a range of payment options
  • Boretire is user-friendly in its searching and sorting capabilities
  • Boretire supplies handmade a vase, and unique designs of serving platters
  • Boretire offers free shipping on all products


  • As it did not show a residential property on the map, the specified physical address is false.
  • Boretire does not offer discounts on its products
  • Unspecified details concerning shipping, delivery and returns, refunds, etc. are important.
  • Boretire failed to include detailed product descriptions, specifications, or images.
  • Boretire offers 24 products for sale
  • Boretire doesn’t support international shipping

Is Boretire Legit?

  • Boretire Creation – 4th May 2022, 10:34:28
  • Boretireage: two and eight months old.
  • Boretire.
  • Boretire expiry: 4th of May 2023 at 10:00:28
  • Boretire life expectancynine, twenty-two days
  • Trust Index Boretire has a horrible Trust score at 1%
  • Business RankingBoretire achieved an awful Business Ranking of 1.1%.
  • Source of Origin:Boretire originated from the high-risk Iceland.
  • Status Of Blacklisting: Boretire is not blacklisted.
  • SSL StatusitsIP has a SSL certification for the next three58 days.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 56%.
  • Boretire reviews Threat Profile:80%
  • Phishing Score77%
  • Malware Score80%
  • Spam Score13%
  • Contact person:unspecified @ Boretire
  • Security:Boretire utilizes a secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Social Relations: Boretire has not been mentioned on social media.
  • Owner’s contact and Identity: Boretire’s owner details are censored using services of

Customer Reviews:

Boretire is a scam according to five reviews. Boretire ranks at 6,042,504 in Alexa.

Boretire has yet to rate product reviews. Boretire was not rated and reviewed elsewhere on the internet, user reviews sites, or social media. We recommend to avoid any fraud.


Boretire reviews indicate that scam. Boretire’s Trust score is terrible, Alexa and. Boretire scored well on Threat profiles, Malware and Phishing, as well as Suspicion. Boretire access is dangerous for user data and devices. Boretire is not recommended as there is no delivery acknowledgement or user reviews.

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