Billings MT Strawberry Festival – What’s new about Billings for MT Strawberry Festival ?

This article on the Billings MT Strawberry Festival will take you through the event as well as the street entertainment.

The Billing’s largest street strawberry festival is now known. This festival in Montana, United States has been very popular over the years. This festival marks the beginning of summer. This is a wonderful festival that offers great food and lots of activities.

This Billings, MT Strawberry Festival post provides information about the festival and the activities that are being performed. Please continue reading to find out more about this event.

What is the event?

This event is the highlight of Montana and the northeast region of the United States. It started out as a fun event for children, but it has expanded to include special activities for all ages. More than 90 vendors sell food stalls selling French crepes, noodles bowls and BBQs. There are also many street activities and rich variety in arts and crafts. The main attraction is the strawberry pallets.

The Strawberry Festival Billings Montana MT 2022 vendors claim that it is a beloved festival and people enjoy it with equal enthusiasm and joy. Because of its success, they worry about not having enough supplies. It also attracts a lot out-of-state people to enjoy the diverse food and activities. This eagerly anticipated event brings joy and hope to Montana. Normally, the event is held in June. However, due to unpredictable weather, it has been moved to July. The event this year has many exciting additions.

What’s new about Billings for MT Strawberry Festival ?

A 50/50 raffle will be held to raise funds for the public art projects. This year, the event will feature street entertainment throughout the city, not just at the location of the fundraiser. There will also be a free climb from Steep World and vendors will have strawberries and other fruit products. COVID-19 protocols ensure that the event has multiple hand washing stations and more booth space. The Billings MT Strawberry Festival will bring joy, excitement, and opportunities.


This essay sums up to say that Billings is the most talked about city in Montana. People are eager to try new foods and enjoy exciting activities such as wall climbing or street performers that enrich their experience. Although the event was originally intended to celebrate summer and strawberry harvest, it has grown to be more significant, notable, and much more memorable for its audiences. This festival is one the most prestigious in Montana.

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