Backstreet Boys Holiday was scheduled to run on December 14?

The US TV network ABC has pulled the Backstreet Boys Christmas special. It was pulled after a woman sued Nick Carter alleging that he raped him during a 2001 tour.

A Very Backstreet Holiday was scheduled to run on December 14, but has been removed from ABC’s holiday specials list.

Shannon Ruth (now 39) filed a civil case in Las Vegas. She said that she was a fan at the 2001 show.

Carter’s lawyer stated that it was not legally meritless and completely untrue.

Variety was first to report the news. The Hollywood Reporter also reported that ABC had pulled the Christmas special. They added that comedy repetitions would be shown in their place.

Ms Ruth, an autistic woman with cerebral palsy, filed her sexual battery case against the singer on Thursday. She accuses him of raping her, and infecting HPV.

Mark Boskovich was her lawyer and said in a virtual conference that the assault took place after she waited to get an autograph at a concert held in Tacoma, Washington.

Carter said that Carter invited her aboard the bus, gave her a funny tasting drink he called “VIP juice”, and then ordered her to “perform sexual acts upon him.” He also raped and raped his wife.

According to the AFP news agency report, the lawyer said that the singer claimed “no-one would ever trust in her” due to her disability.

Michael Holtz was Carter’s attorney and stated to Variety, “This claim about an event that took place over 20 years ago isn’t only illegal but also completely false.”

“Unfortunately Ms Ruth has been manipulated into making false claims about Nick for many, many years. Those allegations have changed frequently and materially over the years.”

He called the announcement “a press stunt”, adding that “there is nothing to the claim whatsoever, which the courts will soon realize.”

The BBC reached out to his representatives for comments.

A Very Backstreet Holiday would feature Carter, AJ McLean Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, and Brian Richardson performing hits off their 10th album A Very Backstreet Christmas. There were also appearances by other stars like Seth Rogen or Meghan Trainor.

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